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Webinar - Demystifying Patents
& other IPR

EnvisBE Solutions

21 Feb 2021

E- Certificate Course
For Students & Professionals

Speaker : Benedict Mascarenhas (Chairman & Managing Director - EnvisBE Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

Date & Time: 19, 20 & 21 Feb 2021

Webinar Content: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights etc., Understanding Patent Documentation, Searches for Patentability & Infrigement, Patent Offices & Procedures


"It was very informative and helped in brushing up alot of IPR concepts learnt in past"

"It was very informative and interesting session"

"As a beginner it was very useful for me to understand IPR concepts also the examples addressed in webinar helped me understand it better"

"The experience was enriching for me as an individual. I am grateful to the team for their timely and unfailing efforts for these sessions."

"For me as a beginner , it was very informative session."

"It was interesting to know about IPRs , And how they work , as well as how to handle IPR."

and more ...

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