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About Us

EnvisBE Solutions - Skincare, Food, Pharma, Personal care, Home Care

EnvisBE is derived from the two words ‘Envisioning’ and ‘Being’.

This covers all aspects from ‘idea’ to ‘reality’.

EnvisBE helps bring your ideas to reality.



In today’s fast paced market scenario, it is becoming unrealistic and increasingly difficult for organizations to build all their capabilities in-house. Increasing number of organizations are collaborating with outside collaborators to meet their development objectives.


Further, in order to have a cutting edge, one needs to have the resources to track Scientific literature, Product Trends, Technology Trends and Patents as well as to have the appropriate Systems and Processes in place to ensure that there are higher chances for ensuring success in the market place besides having a competitive advantage.


At EnvisBE Solutions, we are equipped to help you in translating your customers’ requirements into products and services that are Novel and Innovative.


EnvisBE Solutions has been founded by experts in the field of Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Household and Fabric Care as well as Clinical Research with a number of years of experience behind them. The organization has a collective exposure to various aspects of Product Development, Product Evaluation, Intellectual Property, Techno-Legal, Regulatory, Quality Management Systems & Knowledge Management.


We have the ability to convert ‘Ideas’ into ‘Reality’ and provide a professional approach to meeting your requirements.


Our expertise areas include-

  1. Hair Care

  2. Skin Care

  3. Body Care

  4. Fabric Care

  5. Foods


We understand your needs and believe in effective and efficient collaboration keeping in mind speed of response to help provide you the ‘winning edge’ in your journey from ‘idea’ to ‘reality’.

Let’s Work Together

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