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Intellectual Property Rights

About the Course

Intellectual Property Rights course is offered in Online/Webinar Format. We also provide offline training for group batches from Companies & Colleges

This course is designed by experts for candidates to gain practical knowledge about Intellectual Property Rights and its importance for innovation and growth of a business and the economy as a whole.

It covers the basics of IPR and how you can further benefit from it in terms of revenue, reputation and market share. The process of IP protection starts with identification of the same and formulating right methods and policies to ensure they are protected efficiently by Organisations.

Key learnings: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights etc., Understanding Patent Documentation, Searches for Patentability & Infringement, Patent Offices & Procedures


  • Students from law, science, and other disciplines

  • IP Professionals, Lawyers, & Patent Agents

  • Professionals from different sectors such as Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics, Computer,  Chemical, or related

  • Research and Development and other scientific domains, enforcement personnel, etc

Come, Learn from the Experts.

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